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Below you will find interviews, books, and articles by Victoria Bernhardt. Listen to Victoria Bernhardt answer questions about school improvement plans. Walk through a school improvement planning manual and get a glimpse into target setting. These resources will provide administrators with essential definitions, an annotated bibliography and links to electronic sites supporting Information, Statistical and Data Literacy. An essential module for all those wanting to be data savvy!

Video Interviews

Full Victoria Bernhardt Interview

Question #1: Data & School Improvement

Question #2: Essential Data

Question #3: EQAO

Question #4: Educators & Data

Question #5: Principal's Role

Question #6: Data Literacy

Question #7: Data & Assessment

Question #8: Professional Development



Dr. Victoria Bernhardt has created a comprehensive system for using demographic information with assessment data in school improvement. Her company website, Education for the Future, contains many valuable resources: articles available for free download (with permission from the author,) books for purchase, and resources for assessments and questionnaires. All can be accessed at

Using Data To Improve Student Learning Series
Elementary Schools; Middle Schools; High Schools; School Districts.

Data Analysis
Data such as demographics, school processes, student learning, and perceptions of the learning environment y teachers, students, administrators, and parents, can enable you to find out where you are, and where you want to be.

Databases: Designing and Using Databases for School Improvement
This text explains how to design a database to get the data analysis you want and need and use the data to continuously improve your classroom, school, and district.


Data Tools for School Improvement
This article published in Education Leadership, describes how data tools can help schools analyze and use data effectively.

Multiple Measures
This invited monograph for the California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (CASD), summarizes why, and what, data are important for continuous school improvement.

Continuous Improvement: It Takes More Than Test Scores
This article, published in ACSA Leadership, summarizes why analyzing state assessment results is only the beginning of effective data-driven decision making.

Typical Demographic Data to Gather to Answer the Question, Who are We?
From: Using Data to Improve Student Learning in High Schools