MISA East Vision

The Ottawa Region MISA Professional Network Centre is a network of dedicated educational professionals, made up of member school boards encompassing the eastern region of Ontario. Our PNC promotes evidence informed decision-making in improving student achievement through the MISA (Managing Information for Student Achievement) initiative of the Ontario Ministry of Education. The Ottawa Region MISA PNC is administered by the Eastern Ontario Staff Development Network, with the Ottawa Catholic School Board as financial administrator. Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

MISA East continuously strives to support the local capacity building components of the MISA initiatives by fostering a culture of evidence-informed decision-making through communication, sharing of resources, innovation, and collaboration with the goal of enhanced student achievement.

We strive to…

  • Promote evidence-based decision-making at the classroom, school and system levels that enhance student achievement
  • Collaborate and share professional learning within our member boards regarding managing information for student achievement
  • Support data management procedures that result in complete, accurate, reliable, valid, and relevant data
  • Develop ethical procedures, within the context of Privacy and Information Management, in the collection, analysis, interpretation and communication of data related to student learning, demographics, perceptions, and school processes
  • Highlight research-based best practices to inform policy, procedures and practices among our member boards
  • Affirm the Ministry of Education goals of achieving excellence; ensuring equity; promoting well-being and enhancing public confidence