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Learn how to use the tools that support your data collection and analysis! Make interpreting your data easier! Learn how different software applications can support your data analysis needs. Manipulate your data and get out the information you need, and present it in a clear, dynamic format.

The Ministry has licensed software for all publicly funded schools in Ontario that can be used in data collection and analysis. Some of these titles are listed below with links to tutorials to teach you the basics. For a complete list of Ministry licensed software and their descriptions go to the OSAPAC (Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee) website!

Software Options


Fathom Overview [PowerPoint]
Use this Power Point presentation to get a simplified tutorial on how to use Fathom, data analysis and statistics secondary school software, to present your data.

Video Tutorial: The Basics [QuickTime]

Video Tutorial: Adding objects [QuickTime]


TinkerPlots Instruction [Website]
This Ministry Licensed data analysis and statistics elementary school software is great for dynamic data exploration and comparison. TinkerPlots instruction is available in five short movies, which provide basic instruction in the software.

Video Tutorial: The Basics [QuickTime]*   Download

Video Tutorial: Adding Data [QuickTime]   Download

Video Tutorial: Making Charts [QuickTime]   Download

* Right-click and save the download file for this video. You will need QuickTime player installed on your computer to view these files. A free download is available.

Filemaker Pro 5.5 v2

Tutorials [Website]
A set of online tutorials for this data collection software.

Microsoft Excel

Introduction to Excel: A Date With a Graph [PowerPoint]
A slideshow guide for beginner users how to use spreadsheet data to present your graphs in excel.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint in the Classroom Tutorial [Website]
A tutorial to introduce you to this popular presentation software.