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Action Research

Action Research is an on-going effort by educators to improve their own teaching practice and student learning through an inquiry process. The inquiry process emerges from real issues within the classroom or school environment as well as beliefs, and is the basis for teacher reflection and revisions. The Action Research Module is a necessity for educators interested in a reflective, problem solving mind-set with the focus on the educator as the learner. Take a course to walk you through the Action Research process or use the templates and resources in your own Action Research project.

Action Research Information

Action Oriented Inquiry for Principals link [Course] works in IE and Chorome

Action Research Session [ppt] This Power Point presentation provides an overview of Action Research and walks individuals or groups through the initial Action Research stages and problem

Action Research Reference word_icon.gif[Word] (2004)
Find links and resources to help you with your Action Research project.

Data Mapping Tools [website]

EQAO [website]

French translation of the Collaborative Inquiry Facilitators' Guide developed by GIARE (French language PNC) [pdf]

Making Sense of Qualitative Data word_icon.gif[Word] (2004) Get some simple tips on how to organize and analyze your qualitative data.

Some Excellent Collaborative Inquiry Resources from the London MISA PNC [website]