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Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic District School Board

What effect will embedding technology in Math instruction, activities and assessment have on student engagement and participation in problem solving?

UDL: Making Education Accessible (pdf)

Dan Finn
Diane LaFortune
Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario

How does EIDM influence change in teaching and learning? (pdf)

Rick Soudant
Hastings & Prince Edward District School Board

What impact does providing idevices to secondary school students with special education needs have on their expressive language abilities?
Possiblity - Learning with iDevices (pdf)

Matt Norton
Limestone District School Board

1. Bump Up Writting Strategies (pdf)
    Teaching Through Inquiry (pdf)
2. Open Questions in Mathematics (pdf)  

Alistair MacLeod
Ottawa Carleton District School Board

Accelerated language learning for English language learners (pdf)

Joan Oracheski
Ottawa Catholic School Board

1.  Closing the Gap Using Mobile Devices - Holy Cross (pdf)
2.  Closing the Gap - St. Jerome (pdf)

Marilyn Kasian
Renfrew County Catholic District School Board

What is the impact of read alouds of complex tests on listening and oral language?
Collaboration with EPCI  (pdf)
ICAN Classroom Achievement Network (pdf)

Shelley Montgomery
Renfrew County District School Board 1.  How do assistive technologies (idevices) increase student inclusion, engagement and achievement?
I Possiblities (pdf)
2.  Will a more technology based science classroom increase the performance and engagement of students?
Steve Blok
Upper Canada District School Board

How can the collaborative inquiry process improve the early learning of students?
Kindergarten - Grade 1 Collaborative Inquiry (part two) (pdf)

Phil Dawes



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