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Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic District School Board  

Dan Finn

Dianne LaFortune

Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario   Rick Soudant
 Hastings & Prince Edward District School Board  

imPossibility – Learning with iDevices  - Project Poster (PDF)

 SUB-QUESTION #1 – Sharalee Foster

How can the students’ learning and demonstration of cognitive abilities be enhanced with iDevice technology? (TARGET GROUP: Students with an IDD/ASD identification)

Video Artifact from this project (mov)  other formats - (mp4 / avi)


SUB-QUESTION #2 – Geoff Courneya
Can the progress towards independent living skills acquisition for students with intellectual disabilities be accelerated by integration of iDevices?
SUB-QUESTION #3 – Chris Masterson & Jen Ford
How does the use of iDevices impact student achievement and engagement? (TARGET GROUP: Students with intellectual disabilities)

The following video is a sample of student work from the SNC1L/2L class here at Bayside. The students were asked to study and compare the physical and chemical properties of 2 products of their choice. They then had to create an advertising campaign to convince the public which of the 2 products was best. The advertising campaign had to include a poster using the Pages app on the IPad and a minimum 30 second tv style ad using iMovie on the IPad. 

Video: Aluminum bats vs Wooden bats (mov)

Sample campaign Posters (PDF)

Matt Norton
Limestone District School Board   Alistair MacLeod
Ottawa Carleton District School Board   Joan Oracheski
Ottawa Catholic School Board   Marilyn Kasian
Renfrew County Catholic District School Board   Shelley Montgomery
Renfrew County District School Board   Steve Blok
Upper Canada District School Board   Phil Dawes



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